“In my 33 years of spinal surgery, I have had the benefit of seeing the history of modern implantation develop first hand. I have found no implant to date that does what the Enza®-A implant accomplishes associated with the ease of utilization. After recently implanting my 100th Enza®-A implant, I can say that it by far surpasses anything I have used to date.”

Dr. James Blankenship, MD
Neurosurgeon, Fayetteville, AR

“I have been in practice for more than 20 years and have performed more than 17,000 surgeries. My preferred implant when I perform interbody fusions from an anterior to lateral approach is a titanium cage from Camber Spine called the SPIRA® cage…it has a surface that has been specifically designed to maximize friction and facilitate ingrowth of bone so you have earlier fixation which facilitates faster fusion.”

Dr. Luis E. Duarte, MD
Neurosurgeon, San Angelo, TX


“Here are the 5 reasons why I am a new addict of this ALIF [Camber Spine ENZA®].
1.) It is titanium metal which fuses like gangbusters
2.) Three lordotic sizes provide a perfect fit – I can practically lift my patient off the table with a trial implant
3.) Large graft window – I can pack it with an entire 5cc of graft
4.) Slick instrumentation – it is very easy to use
5) Locking mechanism – it is zero profile, I used to use Synthes with 4 screws. You are going in 4 times and could slip off the screwdriver and hit an artery, always a problem…with this system you only have to go in one time”

Dr. Harold Gregory Bach, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon, Boca Raton, FL

“The ENZA®-A 3-D printed porous titanium spacer gives the surgeon a multitude of advanced technologies to address lumbar spine pathology. It has a sleek streamlined inserter which houses the anchor plate deployment and locking mechanisms allowing for single pass graft insertion through narrow corridors. Bulky awls, screw drivers, and plate holders are no longer needed which decreases the risk of vessel and soft tissue damage, minimizing the length of the incision and perioperative morbidity.”

Dr. Jayme Trahan, MD
Neurosurgeon, Lafayette, LA


“The Enza®-A is the premier ALIF cage. The inserter and plate deployment system is the most streamlined, efficient, and safest in the market today. It has a large graft window and endplates that facilitate bone ingrowth. The system has a large array of sizes and lordotic options to resist subsidence and promote sagittal alignment.”

Dr. Micah Smith, MD
Spine Surgeon, Fort Wayne, IN

“Aside from spinal navigation, Enza® is the first device that has meaningfully changed the safety profile and efficiency of my surgery. My cases proceed much more efficiently, I avoid the risks of passing screws, awls and screw drivers in and out of the wound and the inserter remains within the profile of the cage at all times. Simply said, it’s a better mouse trap.”

Dr. Joshua M Ammerman, MD
Neurosurgeon, Washington, DC



Spira® implants have unique textured surface technology that provides the industry’s best interbody microstructure that promotes faster bony fusion and ingrowth. The helical coils within the implant provide a a secure friction fit stabilizing the interspace and the bone at several points of contact, lessening the chance of subsidence and increasing the fusion rates.

Dr. Joe Blythe, DO
Orthopedic Surgeon, Nashville, TN