According to iData Research the U.S. minimally invasive spinal implants market is expected to increase to over $2 billion by 2023.The fastest growing implant segment is the MIS sacroiliac joint fusion market, first introduced with SI-BONE’s iFuse Implant System® at the end of 2009. The sacroiliac joint fusion market is currently 5 percent of the overall spine market and it’s projected to reach 20 percent by 2021.By 2024, the SIJF market in the US is expected to exceed USD200mn, driven primarily by an increase in procedure volumes and adoption by new surgeons.

Additionally, clinical evidence demonstrates that SIJF is an effective procedure.The popularity of sacroiliac joint fusion has grown rapidly over the past five years, with SI-Bone’s Ifuse device leading the market. Recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, the company has released a new version of their traditional triangular titanium implants. The second-generation products (Ifuse-3D implants) are made using additive manufacturing, and incorporate a fenestrated design and porous surface.However, following the rapid expansion in recent years, market growth is expected to stabilize over the coming years.

This market has experienced rapid growth as a result of :

  • Reimbursement policy changes
  • New product entrants.
  • Increasing an awareness of SI joint dysfunction and improvements in diagnostic processes.

Which are the 18 main players? Please visit: http://www.thespinemarketgroup.com/category/si-joint-fusion/

  1. iFuse Implant System®, SI Bone
  2. Entasis Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System, CoreLink
  3. SImmetry®, Zyga Technologies (RTI Surgical)
  4. SiCure™ Sacroiliac Fusion System, Alevia
  5. SImpact Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System , Life Spine
  6. TriCor Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System, Zimmer Biomet
  7. Silex™ Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System, X-Spine Systems
  8. Sambascrew, Orthofix
  9. SI-LOK™ Sacroiliac Joint Fixation System, Globus Medical
  10. SIFIX Intra-Articular System, Nutech
  11. TransFasten Posterior SI Fusion System, Captiva Spine
  12. SiJoin, VG Innovations
  13. PSIF system, Orthocision
  14. DIANA, SIGNUS Medizintechnik
  15. Prolix SI fusion system, Camber Spine
  16. SI-DESIS, SI-Technology
  17. RIALTO™ SI Fusion System, Medtronic
  18. SacroFuse, SpineFrontier
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