19 spine, orthopedic device companies to impact the industry in 2018


2017 was filled with mergers, acquisitions and FDA approvals, and the momentum has not seemed to stop. Here are 19 spine and orthopedic devices companies to watch in 2018 based on their success in 2017.

Camber Spine (Wayne, Pa.). Camber Spine started 2017 on a strong foot. The company earned FDA clearance for its Siconus SI Joint Fixation System, Camber Spine’s second product for sacroiliac disease treatment. Similar with how Camber Spine started 2017, the company ended the year receiving FDA clearance for the SPIRA-C Open Matrix Cervical Interbody device. The company launched its other SPIRA products, SPIRA Open Matrix ALIF in 2017, and surgeons implanted more than 150 ENZA Zero-Profile ALIF devices throughout the year.

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Camber MedTech