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  • All titanium, 3D-printed construct with inferior and superior surfaces specifically designed with a controlled, trabecular pattern to create an environment for fusion to occur.
  • The deliberately designed surface includes pores averaging 500µm in diameter – the optimal environment for arthrodesis to occur
  • Utilizes a unique anchoring system that consists of two, sharpened, anchor plates that translate from within the device in an angular superior and inferior direction to fixate the device securely to the adjacent vertebrae by providing immediate stability
  • Inserter instrument consists of a slim profile with few components allowing for a simpler configuration and direct visualization of implantation of ENZA®-A Titanium ALIF
  • ENZA®-A Titanium ALIF can be inserted, deployed and locked all through the in-line instrumentation of the inserter thus reducing complexity and surgery time
  • Multiple lumens allow for a large volume of autogenous bone graft material to be packed throughout the implant
  • Designed in various implant configurations to conform to patient’s anatomy
      − 3 footprints with 8°, 15°, and 20° lordosis
      − Heights ranging from 9-19mm in 2mm increments
  • ENZA®-A Titanium ALIF is indicated for use at one or two contiguous levels from L2 to S1 with supplemental fixation
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